LG cube hub, rubber duck shown for scale

I bought this LG branded USB 2.0 Hub for $10 from PCDIY.

Seems to be an LG promotional item that PCDIY decided to resell. (I don't mind, it works properly in Linux unlike most cheap hubs.)

However, the form factor is kinda big and the LG logo is pretty bright.

Base screws

A popular alternative to security bits: screws so soft they attempt to disintegrate when you unscrew them.

Hub important part


PCB Bottom

Leftover cube inner

Repackaged base

Screwed back together...

Base with LED on

Bit bright...

Base with sticker

LED on with sticker

Much nicer. Sticker was from This Is Not Art Festival a few years ago.

Next week: Turning an Macbook Pro into a Macbook Air via clever application of sew-on patches.

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